Free Hypnotherapy Scripts

Please Note: Except where stated otherwise, none of these scripts were written by Hypnotherapy College of Australia. All scripts in this collection have been sourced from various free sites on the Internet, and reprinted here for your convenience. Every effort has been made to ensure that all scripts in this archive belong to the Public Domain and no copyright infringement is intended whatsoever. You are free to read, download and use these scripts with your clients at no cost, however it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriateness of each script before using it during a treatment.



A.D.D Script
Actors’ Script
Alcohol (Session I)
Alcohol (Session II)
Alcohol (Session IV)
Anxiety Control
Arthritic and Other Pain
Body Image
Cosmic Journey
Creative Abilities
Depression: That Was Yesterday
Down Through Consciousness
Dream Preprogramming
Drug Addiction (Session I)
Drug Addiction (Session II)
Ego Strengthening
Ego Strengthening: The Hartland Technique
Fear of Flying
Fear of What Other People May Think
Fibromyalgia and Pain Management Techniques
Fibromyalgia and Sleep Therapy
Goal Accomplishment
Goal Achievement
Guilt Release
Healing Before Surgery
Healing: Visualisation and Restoration
Healing White Light
Inner Advisor
Insomnia (III)
Let Go and Fly
Library Book Burning Imagery
Library Scene
Memory: Recall at Will
Migraine Headaches
Nail Biting
Pain Control
Pain or Anxiety as the Object
Problem Solving
Prosperity (I)
Prosperity (II)
Protective Shield
Public Speaking
Rainbow Garden
Releasing Attachment to an Ex-Partner/Lover
Self Confidence/Fear
Self Confidence (I)
Self Confidence (II)
Self Hypnosis Program
Tropical Island
Weight Reduction Script
Weight Reduction (Session I)
Weight Reduction (Session II)
Weight Reduction (Session III)



Arm-Drop Method
Arm Levitation Method (I)
Arm Levitation Method (II)
Association Method
Awareness Induction
Bionic Arm Method (for Children)
Body Conditioning
Butterfly: A Deepener
Clasp Induction
Confusion Technique
Dave Elman Two Finger Induction
Deep Relaxation Method
Drop Object Method (Good for Groups)
Eye Fixation with Imagery Method (for Children)
Favourite Place
Finding Clues
Fixation Object Method
Forest and Stream Method
Hand Breathing
Hands Closing Together (I)
Hands Closing Together (II)
Hands Pressing Down Method
Hand Yardstick Test
Hypnosis Preparation
Magic Shape Method (for Children)
Make Believe Friend Method (for Children)
Misdirection Method
Mountain Trip Method
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Rapid Method
Rapid Method (for Children)
Rapid Method (Permissive I)
Rapid Method (Permissive II)
Seven Plus or Minus Two
Staircase Relaxation
Stiff Arm
Suggestibility Test
Television Imagination Method (for Children)


Self Hypnosis Awakener