Releasing Attachment to an Ex-Partner/Lover


Now before starting you must get the approval of the client that she/he really now wishes to get rid of the intensity of the attachment to the ex partner/lover.Once you have the approval tell them it is likely after doing this that they will just feel the same about that person as with any other person they might meet in the street. Would that be OK. If not do not proceed. If they still agree proceed as follows:


Spoken to the Subject

Find yourself sitting in lovely comfy Cinema/Picture House (whatever the client cares to call it). Up in front of you is the screen, white, blank pleasantly illuminated. Now put a black and white snapshot of yourself 5 minutes before you ever knew that you would be interested in that person. It might be just before you even knew they existed, just before you met each other, or it might have been just before you started to find him/her attractive. Whatever, whenever or wherever. get that snapshot clearly in black & white on your screen. Good.Now this is fun; float up out of your body backwards until you find yourself in the projection booth at the back of the cinema, looking out into the cinema seeing yourself down there watching that black and white snap shot just before you had any real attachments to that person.

Are you still feeling nice and cozy here. Good. (if not ensure that the client is not entering the picture or feelings)

In a moment I want you to run a rapid movie in black and white from there; right the way through that relationship, to here sitting with me in this room feeling comfortable, as you are now. Then stop the movie and nod your head.

You can run this movie in less than a few seconds. You must stay in this projection booth all the way through feeling comfortable, until I ask you to do something else. Remember to watch yourself down there observing that movie. Are you ready.

Run that movie Now!

Client runs the movie and then nods to confirm completion.

Hypnotist continues :

Now I want you to do something wonderful for yourself, its real fun. I want you to get up from your seat in the Cinema and leave the projection booth and go up onto the screen and when I say Now! I want you to run a movie backwards in less than 3 seconds you are in it this time; in full color in reverse, everything moves in reverse, everyone moves backwards until you find yourself back there, before it ever happened, feeling that comfort, do this in less than 3 seconds in full color, and let me know when its done by nodding your head. Are you ready. Now!

When client nods, say ‘Go in at the end and do it again backwards’. and nod your head when you have done it.. Good! Do it again. And Again. Good! and Again. you can do this reverse process 5, 6, or 7 times even more if necessary. Then say. OK that’s fine! When you are ready you can open your eyes feeling nice and cozy. Don’t rush just take all the time you need.

When the client opens her eyes she might feel slightly yet pleasantly disoriented for a few moments, when this clears you might ask her how she now feels about that problem that she had. She will usually feel different. She might then wish to discuss the relief and the detachment she now has.

After this you can do the usual ecological checks.

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