Instructions to the hypnotist

The four aspects of Karma are: Cause and Effect, Compensation, Balancing and Completion
Through different lifetimes we work through our karmic cycle in order to attain perfection of the soul, which is trapped within five different lower planes. Only when we reach a higher plane are we able to move forward to the next level.
The Five Lower Planes are as follows: The physical plane – this is where you and I are right now. It is also known as the Earth Plane – at this level the body is a physical one and a large amount of karma can be added or erased at this level.
The next plane up is the Astral Plane where the body takes a less materialistic form as, for example with ghosts. We go here immediately following death.
The Causal Plane is higher than the Astral Plane and is where the Akashic Records are kept. These records are a complete file on all our our past, present and future lifetimes and a medium or clairvoyant may project themselves to this Plane in order to give you a reading.
The Mental Plane is the plane of pure intellect and this Plane is followed by the Etheric Plane where truth and beauty are the ultimate values.

Before each incarnation we are given choices to help us to develop. For instance, if we need to develop intellectually in order to progress, we would select to live on the Mental Plane – if beauty and honesty were the virtues we needed to cultivate most, then our choice would probably be to live on the Etheric Plane, and so on.

If we are mistrustful of people or find it impossible to communicate effectively in this lifetime – we may decide to work on these issues in the future – thus, relationships will be very important factor for you. It is possible that all the people who are, or have been, important to you in this lifetime, will have also been involved with you in one way or another in past or subsequent lifecycles. When we examine inter-relationships in this way it is often referred to as ‘Group Karma’. When we hate someone intensely we attach a Negative Karma to our lifecycle. This must be worked through at a later time in order to evolve spiritually.

On dying we Step Into The Light where our arrival is telephathically communicated to all our departed loved ones, who may choose to welcome us. Guides and Masters are there to advise us and accompany us to the Soul Plane, which lies between the Five Lower Planes and the Seven Higher Planes. Entities that do not Step Into The Light may become Earthbound as Astral Bodies or Ghosts.

Past Life Regression can be used in many ways to help the Karmic process. Visiting former lifetimes and seeing the mistakes that you keep on making can often be quite an eye-opener. You notice that you’re still making the same mistakes in this lifetime and this revelation has the effect of making you more consciously aware of what you are doing. And of course, once you’re consciously aware of the mistakes you’ve been making, you’re more able to rectify them. The following script, KARMIC JOURNEY can be used for this type of regression – beginning with Stepping Into The Light.


Spoken to the subject

KARMIC JOURNEYVisualize yourself in a long dark tunnel. If you can’t visualize, just imagine, feel or sense yourself here. It’s a large tunnel with plenty of space and at the end of the tunnel is a small, white light. You are floating headlong through this tunnel, speeding towards the white light. It is somewhat cold, but that doesn’t bother you for you know that you are safe. And as you move down through the tunnel you draw closer and closer to the white light, and as you draw closer and closer to the white light, the white light becomes bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, bigger and bigger, brighter and whiter, until you are right up to the bright, white light, the bright, white light just in front of you. You are no longer floating, you are standing, but if feels as though you’re stepping on soft, fluffy clouds which gradually evaporate into the path upon which you stand. Now, I will count to three, and at the count of three I want you to Step Into The Light.

One. Two. Three. (Pause).

You are now standing In The Light. It is a pure, white light. Feel the light streaming down through the crown of your head. Feel the white light being drawn downwards, through the body, the head, the neck, the shoulders and arms, the chest, the stomach and thighs and legs and feet. The beautiful bright white light is in you. You are In The Light. You are The Light.

The Light is Love and You are The Light. You are Love. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy field. Your beautiful white Light. You are In The Light and The Light is in you.

Feel the white light cleansing your whole body, your whole mind and your spirit. Feel the beautiful white light lifting away any impure thoughts or feelings. Feel the healing energy of the white light. This is your light. You are the light. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy, your light, your beautiful bright, white light.

Remain in the light for a little while longer, feeling the healing energy of the Light. Feeling cleansed and thoroughly protected from any negative thought forms which you may or may not encounter in your spiritual adventure or your physical life. As you become accustomed to the brightness of the white light you begin to notice familiar faces of those that you once knew and loved. Look around – tell me – who do you see?

Wait a few seconds for a response.

And more visitors arrive now to greet you. Some who are far more spirituality advanced – a warm and loving presence – your Guide – your Inner Adviser – your Mentor – your Master – you instinctively know what I mean. They talk to you. What do they say? Long Pause.

It’s time to set out on The Journey. You are ready – prepared. You are watching and being all at the same time – seeing yourself as a different person on the outside – knowing that you’re the same on the inside – and experiencing a participation on a different level – this is you. The feelings are the same – they’re yours – this is you – you see and act and think and do and know. And you have known for a long, long time.

Strangely enough, looking back – you see familiar events. Familiar mistakes – and these mistakes become apparent to you – you can see WHY you made the mistakes that you did. And with knowledge comes POWER. For you now have the power to change your life. For the better. Advancement – moving forward – forward moving – and now you go further back to an earlier life still. To see the purpose of it all. To greet once more with loved ones – their different roles – your different role – to see the lessons learned and unlearned. Take your time.

You see it all. Different lifetimes floating past you. Certain elements may remain the same – different characters – just see each and every lifetime and the lessons learned.

It’s time to return. Back Into The Light. Step Into The Light. See the brightness and feel the warmth. It’s wonderful here – you feel so relaxed and so calm. In a moment you’re going to return to the here and now. I’ll count to five and that’s a signal for you to come all the way back up.

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