Suggestibility Test

Spoken to the Subject

Suggestibility Test (adapted from Coue’s, by Gwendoline Ford.) Just clasp your hands together now ..lacing your fingers together tightly.. thats tight.. thats right. Hold them tight as if they are one and they are locked in tight as if glued with super glue. As hard as you try you to seperate them you find that you can not.You can not open them no matter how you try. They are locked in tighter and tighter, that creative part of your mind holds them together like a single block ..locked .. in tighter, tighter and tighter.Now simply use that conscious part of your mind to relax your hands and fingers and let them fall apart.

This exercise shows how powerful the mind is and how easy the mind can be used and guided in hypnosis to achieve the desired outcome for the person being hypnotised. This sometimes can be used in clinical hypnotherapy to show the client that they are a good subject for hypnosis. You would then say to the client “‘and that shows you the power of your mind and we work with that power together in hypnosis to achieve your desired outcome.

If it doesnt work you would say to your client “thats fine that simply shows me how your mind work so that I know the best stratagy to use in hypnosis as we work together in hypnosis to achieve your desired outcome. And you would, consider a more analytical approach.

Tests such as this one and their are many similar ones,are used by stage hypnotists who will then choose those most suggestable subjects to be a part of their show.


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