Weight Reduction Session (I)

Spoken to the Subject

You have begun a positive approach to obtain the slim, healthy, attractive body which you desire. I am going to give you some suggestions that will make this a permanent change in your living. These suggestions are going to take complete and thorough effect upon the deepest part of your subconscious mind, sealing themselves in the deepest part of your subconscious mind, so they will remain there forever, and become a permanent part of every cell of your brain and body. You are going to be surprised and amazed just how effective these suggestions are going to be and how much they will become a part of your everyday life, giving you a brand new pattern, brand new thoughts, a brand new method of action, to make you an effective and successful person.You will make use of a brand new method that you have never used before. You have begun the first positive approach for obtaining a healthy, attractive body which you desire. You have chosen hypnosis as a positive means to attain this goal, because hypnosis is a great aid in permanently changing your emotional reactions to food and eating. You realize that hypnosis is a new positive approach — a new positive approach to obtain what you desire.

For the first time in your life you will really initiate a good positive approach toward food and eating. As you initiate this good, positive attitude toward food, enjoy food, like food, eat food. You will create a permanent positive change in your eating habits. From now on, you will prove to your own satisfaction that eating all you physiologically need will entirely satisfy you; just like drinking all the water you need. Instead of trying to kill your appetite, treating it as an enemy, you are going to work within the framework of your inborn normal reflexes, making a friend of your appetite, paying attention to it; for this is a good thing. Slim people have appetites. They pay attention to them. Attractive people have appetites. They pay attention to them. Hypnosis makes a friend of your appetite, rather than an enemy.

In the past, you’ve been paying attention only to half the signal from your appetite. Namely, the signal that says, “Eat. I’m hungry.” But now you are making a friend of your appetite. You listen to all of what your friend’s advice is. When it says “I’m hungry,” you eat. When the hunger feeling first disappears, and your appetite says, “I’m satisfied,” you stop. You stop long before you’re full, because once you have this full sensation, it means that you have grossly overeaten. You should never want to feel full again.

You see you haven’t really been paying attention to your appetite at all because your eating has been driven by emotions rather than hunger. It is always proper to eat when your appetite says,”I’m hungry.” But you’ve been eating when you’ve not been hungry. You’ve been eating out of habit when your body had no physiological need for food. You’ve been eating to satisfy psychological, emotional cravings. You haven’t paid attention to your appetite when it says “I’m done. I’m satisfied. Stop eating.” You haven’t paid attention to it either. Your appetite doesn’t need killing off. On the contrary, it needs reinforcing. Hypnosis helps you make a friend of your appetite. Pay attention to the advice of your new friend. Tune in on your body sensations. If you eat too much against the advice of your new friend, you’ll violate your normal reflexes.

It’s important that you should eat all you physiologically need to replace your energy stores for immediate use and to store your body’s sugar. You must immediately ban any and all plans that you have for dieting. You will do so. Otherwise, you bring into play an old instinct for self-preservation. This can spoil all of the positive results that you wish to gain from hypnosis. It is important that you develop the habit now; that you’re always going to eat all that you need. Under hypnosis, you can reinforce the normal feedback mechanisms, the checks and balances that tell you when you need food and when your appetite is satisfied.

However strong this hypnosis may be, it cannot overcome basic instincts for survival. A most strong instinct is self-preservation. Surprisingly, your great concern about being overweight leads to sporadic dieting. This in turn suggests starvation. Starvation, in turn, demands defense. It brings out the instinct of self-survival. This instinct is responsible for maintaining your excess weight. Slim people eat all they want.

Slim people do well. Slim, attractive people say, “I eat all I want and I don’t gain an ounce.”

Visualize yourself as this slim, attractive person; the slim, healthy, attractive person that you soon will be. You soon will be saying the very same thing. As you begin to talk and act like a slim, healthy, attractive person, you will soon become one. Overweight is primarily not a dietary problem, but an emotional problem. You must resolve right now to give up dieting forever. You will form a habit pattern to eat all you need when your body needs it. Paying attention to your appetite, trusting your own reflexes, reinforcing the sensation, reflexes and feed-back patterns. This is true even though you may lose very slowly at first. The excess fat will be burned away in due time. You are going to be slim, healthy, and attractive. You will feel wonderful in every way. The word diet and dieting will be removed from your mind and all the plans you may have had for dieting will be removed from your mind thoroughly. Dieting makes you think of growing hungry and giving up food, which in turn starts the anxiety about starvation which brings forth the instinct of self-preservation. So you are through with dieting; through with dieting forever.

Through hypnosis you will restore normal reflexes that will keep you satisfied and bring into play that wonderful feeling of well-being. The word diet is a negative word; it threatens you with denial of food and death. Hypnosis is a positive word; it makes you relax, comfortable and alive. Diets fail; hypnosis succeeds. Diet brings about starvation which leads to overeating and obesity. Hypnosis brings about satisfaction which leads to relaxation and brings about a slim, healthy, attractive body, a relaxed mind and a satiated spirit. The old urge to diet is now completely removed from your mind for now you realize that the real answer is in restoring normal reflexes. You will concentrate on it, obeying every suggestion I give you, for hypnosis is a positive approach. Hypnotic suggestions which you receive will rapidly bring about a change which is necessary to insure a permanently slim, healthy, attractive body, which you so desire.

Each time you are tempted to eat or drink anything that you know is wrong for you, you will say “no” and stick by it, because the rewards of becoming slimmer are more important to you than eating the wrong foods.

The rewards of being slender, more desirable, sexier, are more important to you than eating foods that you know are wrong for you.

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