Hypnotherapy Practitioner Program

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Program

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Course Components: 7 days of Practical Training + Home Study

Prerequisite Study: N/A

Course Start Dates: Enrol at any time by studying the home study modules.

Practical Training DatesComplete the practical requirements of this course by attending a total of 7 days practical training on 06-09 November, 2023 (Monday-Thursday) and 08-10 December, 2023 (Friday-Sunday).

Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner course combines 7 days of in-depth and comprehensive training with convenient home study modules to ensure that, upon graduation, you have the skills and knowledge necessary to become a professional, competent, and successful clinical hypnotherapist in this rapidly growing field of therapy!

This course is by far the most popular level of qualification for hypnotherapists in Australia. HCA combines intensive practical training with therapeutic frameworks to offer students a comprehensive study package - and you start any time!

Why study with Hypnotherapy College of Australia?

  • Our courses are recognised by the peak national hypnotherapy body - the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA).
  • All theory and practical resources are included - you will not need to purchase any additional materials.
  • You will receive ongoing support throughout your training and home study - our tutors are just a phone call or email away.
  • We offer top quality training delivered by industry-respected hypnotherapy professionals.
  • Our training is affordable and payment plan options are available.

Graduates will receive:

  • A Hypnotherapy Practitioner qualification that is recognised in the industry and by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA).
  • A recommendation for an AHA Professional Membership level application. This level of membership with the AHA allows for a Practitioner Number (private health funds). 
  • Optional subscription access to our student & alumni newsletter, with free hypnotherapy-related articles, resources, tips, and more.
  • A pathway into our Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner course.

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Learning Modules:
  • [HYP01A] Hypnotherapy Principles and Practices
  • [HY02A] Perform Hypnotherapy Consultation and Counselling
  • [HY03A] Plan and Provide Hypnotherapy
  • [COUN1A] Communicate Competently with Clients
  • [COM1A] Counselling Approaches within the Context of Hypnotherapy
  • [HUM1A] Analyse Theories of Human Development
  • [PRAC1A] Practice Management
Learning Outcomes:
  • What hypnotherapy is - and is not
  • Why hypnotherapy is an effective form of therapy and healing
  • How to apply hypnotherapy in a therapeutic framework
  • Hypnotherapy techniques from history up until modern day
  • How to communicate with clients in a way that is effective and which comes from a therapeutic approach
  • How to apply counselling within hypnotherapy practice
  • What theories of human development are, and how they relate to therapy
  • How to manage a practice
Topics Covered:
  • The history and application of hypnosis as therapy
  • The mind/body connection as it relates to healing
  • The principles and concepts of clinical hypnotherapy
  • Tapping into the mysterious subconscious mind for specific client needs
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Metaphors for creating change
  • Inducing a trance, including how to implement instant and progressive inductions
  • Deepening the hypnotic trance
  • Forming suggestions for anxiety, weight control, eating disorders, smoking cessation, and other issues
  • Inducing deep relaxation for acceptance of positive suggestions for simple habit control and/or performance anxiety
  • Developing the skills for awakening the client and ending the trance for positive change
  • Developing imagery skills as required of a hypnotherapist
  • Developing the hypnotic voice
  • The fundamentals of communication, including effective communication
  • Client special needs
  • Cultural and personal factors during client consultation and therapy
  • Fundamentals of counselling techniques and approaches
  • Therapeutic interviewing
  • Self-esteem work
  • Psychological, sociological, and biological theories of development
  • Personality types and temperaments
  • Developing and maintaining a high level of client service
  • The importance of confidentiality and discretion
  • Professional boundaries
  • Clinic guidelines
  • Legal and ethical requirements of running a practice
  • Managing human resources
  • And much more...
Pathway to Higher Qualifications:

In addition to allowing graduates to become industry-recognised hypnotherapy practitioners, HCA's Hypnotherapy Practitioner course is a prerequisite for our Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner course. Graduates will not only be able to progress to higher qualification levels, but will qualify for enrolment in other workshops, such as Gwendoline Ford's Gastric Band Training.