Anxiety Control

Spoken to the subject

You are going to now learn the art of controlling anxiety. As a result of this session you will no longer suffer from anxiety and you will be in control at all times. You will feel happy and so confident that you are now in control.What I would like you to do right now is to use your imagination … I want you to imagine a scene in your mind … to visualize yourself at a wonderful place … a place where there is no anxiety whatsoever … It could be some place that you have been before, or if you cannot think of an anxiety free place you may go ahead and create one in your mind … it can be a fantasy place, or a real place … just visualize it and imagine it … Maybe you can see it clearly in your mind … and maybe you can’t … if you can’t imagine it … just think about it and the same purpose is being served … You can even surround yourself with things and activities that you find extremely enjoyable, without any stress at all. Take a few moments and create this scene in your mind ………….. and as soon as you have this scene in your mind, nod your head for me … so that I know you have it… (wait until they nod their head before continuing.) Now in just a few words … describe, or tell me what the scene is that you are imagining right now… (Wait for their response. If no response, ask them again) Good … now visualize that place and see it very clear in your mind. It’s a wonderful place isn’t it.

Now while you are in your comfortable place right now I would like you to take a deep breath and as you exhale allow yourself to feel twice as comfortable and wonderful as you do right now … and take your second deep breath … and as you exhale allow yourself to relax even more … and on the third deep breath, as you exhale, allow yourself to feel wonderful … realizing that you are in a place where nothing affects you, where there is no anxiety, where you are completely safe … Now commit this place to memory … every detail … because in the future, any time you find yourself confronted by what used to be an anxiety provoking situation, or any kind of stress whatsoever, all you need to do is take your three deep breaths and allow yourself to remember … and come back to this wonderful anxiety free, stress free place, that you have created for yourself.

Let’s go ahead and try it right now to insure you understand the concept. Right now, I would like you to think of something or a situation that may have caused you a small amount of anxiety in the past … and as soon as you feel a little bit of anxiety, nod your head for me so I will know … (wait for the response, repeat if necessary)

Take a deep breath and just let the negativity flow away … take your second deep breath and allow yourself to feel wonderful, coming back to your special place … and take your third deep breath, and allow yourself to relax completely … You are now anxiety free … It feels great doesn’t it.

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