Ego Strengthening

You have now become so deeply relaxed…. so deeply asleep…. that your mind has become so sensitive…. so receptive to everything I say…. that everything that I put into your mind…. will sink so deeply into the unconscious part of your mind…. that it will have a very deep and lasting an impression…. and will become a part of your inner realities….

Consequently…. these suggestions that I place into the unconscious part of your mind…. will begin to exercise a greater and greater influence…. over the way you think…. over the way you feel…. and over the way you behave….

And because these suggestions will stay…. firmly embedded in the unconscious part of your mind…. they will continue to exercise the same great influence…. in the weeks, months and years to come…. they will become more and more a part of your inner realities…. as you continue to take positive steps into the future….

You are now so very deeply relaxed…. that everything that I tell you is going to happen…. will happen for your own good…. exactly as I tell you….

And every feeling that I tell you will experience…. you will experience…. exactly as I tell you….

And these things will continue to happen to you every day…. and you will continue to experience these same feelings every day…. more and more powerfully…. when your at home…. or at work or wherever you are….

During this deep sleep…. you are going to feel healthier and fitter in every way…. you will feel more alert and experience a wonderful feeling of well being…. both mentally and physically..

And from now on you will have more energy…. more enthusiasm…. and feel more optimistic…. as you continue to develop a more positive outlook on life….

Everyday…. you will become so deeply interested and enthusiastic…. in whatever you are doing…. or whatever is going on around you…. that you focus outwardly….

You no longer think about yourself so much…. and allow any problems to hold you back…. from now on you will see any problem that arise as a challenge…. any difficulties you encounter as a test for you to overcome…. altogether you will approach things with a much more positive attitude…. in every way….

Everyday your nerves will become stronger and steadier…. your mind calmer and clearer…. you will feel more in control of your feelings and emotions…. you will feel more composed…. more centered…. more at peace with yourself…. and you will begin to develop an inner strength and calm…. and a self belief that you can achieve anything you want to…. when you focus your mind And you will be able to think more clearly…. concentrate more easily…. you will be able to give your whole undivided attention to whatever you are doing…. to the complete exclusion of everything else….

© Terrance Watts


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