Hypnosis Preparation

A short preparation script to use to relax your client and settle them down before you start the induction properly.
All right, you just make yourself comfortable and close your eyes now… just separate your hands and let them lie loosely in your lap… or by your sides if that’s more comfortable… it’s better if your legs are uncrossed… but it doesn’t matter if you feel you need to move just slightly, now and again… you don’t have to be absolutely still… just be comfortable and relax the whole body as much as you can… now I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for a moment before breathing out slowly… just allowing your whole body to relax as you do so… and I want you to keep your eyes closed now and just keep listening quietly to the sound of my voice… you’ll be aware of those other sounds, too… sounds inside the building, sounds from outside, maybe passing traffic… but these won’t disturb you… in fact, they’ll help to relax you, because just for now the world outside is absolutely unimportant to you… the only sound you’re interested in is the sound of my voice… and while you’re listening to the sound of my voice, I want you to concentrate for a moment on your breathing… breathing slowly and steadily and evenly, just as if you were trying to convince somebody that you were absolutely sound asleep… and as you breathe out each time, just allowing your whole body to relax more and more… so that you gradually find yourself feeling as if your whole body was sinking further and further into the chair with each breath you breathe…

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