Dream Preprogramming

Instructions to the Hypnotist

If your subject is highly susceptible to suggestion, I submit that they may like to have their own dreams. The most important suggestion you need to make when doing this is, “When you wake up in the morning, you will remember all your dreams from the night for the evening of this most special dream that you want to have…”

Spoken to the subject

Dream programming, just like in standard hypnosis, is quantified by simple instructions and limits. Just be very specific as to the limits of the encounter. “Tonight, you will have a very special dream. It is so special because it is one that you have selected. You will not feel any fear or negative emotions. You will never be in danger nor can you either feel any pain or show any injury. It will be like in a real life cartoon, where anything can happen, but no one gets hurt.” Once you have stated these foundations, the dream sequence can be as simple as one sentence, or as elaborate and labored as a drama. Two examples:

A simple dream (as requested by a subject of mine) “You will, in this dream, have excellent sex with the lead singer of Led Zepplin”

Lucid Dreaming environment control

“Once you are in your full dream, you will find a button on a wall. When you push it, you will become fully conscious in your dream, and you will see, on the wall, the reminder that your body is outside this area, that it is asleep, and that you are truly awake in a dreamscape environment.

You have nothing to fear for you are in total control. Anything you want to do or see, any place you want to go, all points and projections become yours. While you are doing all this, which may seem like weeks, your body will get a single full night’s sleep. So, while you are in the dreamscape, time warps at a much different speed, and you get a week or two of constant adventuring without ever needing to eat or sleep, though if you wish to eat, all you need to do is ask for it, and a table will appear with your meal. If, for any reason, you need to awaken to use the rest room, you will do so, and if you decide to return to the dreamscape, you will restart at the red button before you go anywhere.

In this dreamscape, you are not guided or controlled by physical properties, but travel and move by your mind’s control. If you wish to move in a direction, you simply push the world past you. You are virtually stationary, while in total control of the world around you. In fact, you can find yourself on any planet in any solar system in any galaxy at any time, at any scale (large or small), and for any reason.

Limits do not exist. You can touch a wall, or pass through it. Your dreamscape body is made up of infinite matter, the same stuff as all that is around you, and you can mold or destroy anything in your path, just by thinking it is so. You have the opportunity to be free from any fear. You can jump off a building in this dreamscape and fall straight through the soil only to find yourself somewhere else.”



By David Brager
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