Make Believe Friend Method (For Children Aged 5-10 Years)

Spoken to the hypnotist

This induction is best used when performing therapy. The use of an all knowing and understanding friend is very helpful in getting a child to discuss their problems. (Have the child close his or her eyes and pretend they are visiting with a new friend. Maybe their friend is a cuddly puppy or kitten, or it may be a little rabbit that likes to be cuddled)

Spoken to the subject

Now just keep your eyes closed and pretend that you are enjoying the company of your friend. You are a very special person, and you can really relax and enjoy yourself, feeling calm, and peaceful and safe in the company of your friend …As you are having an enjoyable time with your friend, you are listening only to my voice … Now I want you to tell me a little bit about your friend … (Pause as subject describes friend)

Now ask your friend what name we should use when we talk to him or her … Tell me your friend’s name … (Pause for response)

(The following lines can be used for general therapy .. fill in the specific problem)

Okay that’s good … Now you can relax even more, and I want you to ask your friend to help you … Your friend knows about the problem you’ve been experiencing, and your friend will be able to tell you how you can get rid of that problem completely …

As soon as your friend tells you how to get rid of that problem, I want you to lift one of your hands up toward the ceiling … (Pause for response)

Let yourself continue relaxing … Bring your friend along now as you begin feeling a peaceful drowsiness all over your body.

Now you are beginning to see yourself improving … You are getting rid of that problem … You are experiencing some pleasant changes right now, and you will keep improving even more later on after I tell you to open your eyes and come back to a wide awake, fully alert state.

You are learning more and more from your friend … You are aware now that your friend really loves you and cares for you, and is doing everything to help you get rid of that problem completely …

And you will know that you can go back and be with your friend anytime you want to in the future, and your friend will always be there to help you.

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