Favourite Place

Spoken to the Subject

After making the client comfortable, completing the intake form,which will include getting consent, asking and answering questions I build rapport with the client. I find one of the easiest ways to ease a client into hypnosis and to test their susceptability is to say “let us try a little exercise to see how well your imagination works… Just close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths which will automatically help you to relax .. thats right..In your mind I want you to go to a favourite place, this could be somewhere real and known to you …or in your imagination ..it is your place that is only for you .. it is a place that makes you feel good .. happy … peacefull .. whatever you need …it may be a special room with everything just how you want it .. or a sandy beach ..maybe in a garden somewhere .. when you are there and feel happy .. just smile and I will know.”When they smile I might then get them to open their eyes and we will talk about that wonderful ability that is going to help us in hypnosis to achieve exactly it is that you are wanting, as we create new pathways in the brain that will automatically help to make better choices. Or I will say ..”As you are already a little relaxed why not try to drift a little deeper now as I count from 1 to 10…and ….. then I continue on with the hypnosis session.



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