Butterfly - A Deepener

Spoken to the subject

I’d like you to use your imagination now. I want you to imagine, I’d like you to think about … a beautiful lush tropical garden. This is a paradise and like a paradise there are only wonderful things here … No harm can come to you here. This is your garden, it was made just for you.You’re lying on a soft grassy area next to a beautiful stream … you’re gazing at the blue sky above … a cloud drifts by and as your eyes follow it across the sky, you feel a tranquil peace fall upon you.

You feel the warmth of the sun, as it cradles your body. The water from the stream bubbles past you as it’s pleasing melody soothes you. The scent of an exotic flower is carried to you by the soft breeze that is blowing and as you breathe it in, (NOTE: take a deep breath in … exhale and say) the perfume moves through you, and with each breath a deeper more relaxed feeling comes over you. A wonderful feeling, a peaceful feeling.

You look up into the lush green trees and at the top of one is the most beautiful butterfly that you have ever seen. It starts to glide, it’s colorful wings outstretched to catch the breeze. You watch the beautiful butterfly drift slowly downward, and as you see it drift slowly downward, so too will you drift into the deepest state of relaxation. So, as I count from five down to one you will feel your body drift downward like that of the butterfly.

“5” … Watch its wings as it glides down through the tree tops, things are getting hazier.

“4” … It turns it’s wings to sail with the breeze, you a very peaceful, very relaxed.

“3” … It soars to the lower branches, you can almost feel your body drifting … drifting on air.

“2” … You both drift slowly downward as …

“1” … It lands, and it rests its wings, so to do you find yourself calm and deeply relaxed.

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