Let Go and Fly

By Collin Rosati


Spoken to the subject

As you’re lying there so peacefully, so calm and relaxed, I’d like you to imagine what it would feel like if you could actually fly, if you could soar through the air free and alive like a bird. Now, you don’t have to actually imagine that you have wings and feathers and you don’t have to pretend that you’re leaving your body or anything, but… as you are so very relaxed right now, imagine how beautifully special you feel now that you actually have the power to fly… and as you prepare to take flight, maybe you spread your arms or maybe you put your arms above your head like superman, it does not really matter, just allow yourself to do what ever you feel you need to do to get ready in your own mind to take flight and soar above the world free, alive and completely at peace with yourself.

Before you take flight however, please take notice all of the chains and anchors which are holding you back, that’s right, notice all of the limiting beliefs and tired thoughts and old habits of yourself and other people which have chained you to the ground. And I wonder if you can really feel the weight of these chains which are preventing you from flying, thick heavy links which are holding you back from you right to be free? Take a moment for yourself now and notice the texture of these heavy chains, are they rough or smooth or maybe both in different parts. What do these tiresome old chains feel like as they bog you down. And I wonder if they could talk, what would they say? Perhaps they would say “you can’t fly”, and knowing that misery loves company, they might be saying “stay with us on the ground”. But as you look closely at these binding links, you may be surprised to notice that however ferociously that these chains appear to be holding you down, If you really look closely, you will notice that you are holding on to these chains. You are the one holding tightly onto these old habits, these disgusting limiting beliefs, you are holding yourself onto the ground. These chains may be forged by the ideas and comments of others but you are the one holding onto them. And to whatever extent that you so strongly desire to live your life free and successful, you will let go of all chains and bad habits because you do owe it to yourself. You are your body’s keeper, you are responsible for your own well being, your own happiness, your own success, your own freedom.

And just as misery loves company, success leads to even more success. If you look up, you will notice other people flying. See how happy they look up there free from their bad habits here on the ground. And you can feel how happy they feel. And you can here it in their voices as they laugh way up in the sky, free from all chains. And to whatever extent that you so strongly desire to be free, you will begin to let physically let go of a chain. Simply make the commitment to let go of a limiting belief. Let go of an out dated habit, let go of the hurts and be free, let go of the pains and fly, let go of other people’s drama’s, let go of other people’s stress and problems and be free. You owe it to yourself to let go of your old ideas and let go of other people’s ideas and bad habits, they only hold you back. And as you begin to let go of the past you actually notice yourself feeling lighter. And as you have seen this change in other people, you actually walk more erect, and you stand taller, as you let go of the old habits, you feel more confident and strong on your own. Your posture is more proud, proud of your new commitment to yourself to be free. So I wonder if you can find yourself letting go of more limiting beliefs and notice how good it feels as you let go of the past and embrace yourself. And as you realize that there is nothing that anyone can say or do to hold you back, you feel so good and so light that you actually begin to float up into that air. And you realize for the first time in a long, long time, that when you finally let go that you feel so happy, so lighter than air, that you begin to smile and feel incredibly good inside, totally at peace and free because now you are finally alive. Alive and free. And you smile, and it feels good to let go and fly. To be yourself, for yourself, for now, for ever.

And think of all of the places that you can now fly away to. Beautiful places. And You don’t have to know where you are going to because beautiful people attract other beautiful people. Successful people attract other successful people. Confident people attract other confident people. People who are truly free will attract each other. When you smile, you attract other people who smile. And people who have let go of the past, and all limiting chains are free to find each other and fly. And simply take another moment for yourself and enjoy this wondrous and awesome peaceful feeling of flying for a moment. And now notice how good it feels to fly above the world. To fly away from all chains in the past, to fly away from you bad habits leave them behind, to fly away from other people’s bad habits, let them go and fly to let go of all hurts and pains and simply fly away, free and alive. Knowing that you now find yourself smiling more because you are free. You have made a commitment to yourself for yourself to let go and be free to fly. And you deserve to fly and join others like yourself free and alive. For now and for ever.

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