Healing Before Surgery

Preparing For A Hospital Surgical Procedure. .


Spoken to the subject

Take a nice long slow deep breath in and slowly breath out…. We will take three of these breaths. Notice that on each one you feel more and more relaxed… Now once again take a long slow, slow deep breath in… and out… Notice how you are beginning to relax. Take another slow deep breath… in… and out… Notice how much more relaxed you are… Again a long slow, slow deep breath and this time when you exhale, your eyes close naturally as you… relax deeply.

Notice how much more relaxed you are now. Continue to breath normally and naturally. Let each and every breath you take relax you more and more… Allow yourself to begin to go into dreamtime….

The sound of my voice is relaxing, relaxing is a pleasure as you drift deeper and. deeper into dreamtime. To help you go even deeper into this quiet relaxed state, we will descend a staircase of relaxation. Imagine your self standing on the top of the staircase of relaxation, wearing a loose fitting garment, made of a very fine fabric, it is your favorite color. What color might that be today?…

As you descend you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the chair or bed that. you are resting on, feeling more and more relaxed… With each step, you double your sense of relaxation. As you go through this exercise you may have a sensation of heaviness, you may have a sensation of floating like a feather, of being light and airy or you may just know that you are deeply relaxed… Whatever you experience is just right for you, you are doing fine.. . Begin to descend now.

Ten — floating deeper and deeper down…
Nine — deeper
Eight — letting go of all doubt, worry, anxiety. You don’t need that any more…
Seven — deeper and deeper relaxed
Six — the longer it takes you to relax, the deeper you go…
Five — we will pause here as it is time to call upon your spiritual guide who will be with you on this journey. It may be God, an angel, a saint, or a feeling of a spiritual connection with the creative force. I will give you a time of silence to make contact with your spiritual partner… (30 seconds)… You are doing fine… Step down now… to
Four — relaxing and going deeper.
Three — letting go, going deeper…
Two — deeper and deeper…
One — very deeply relaxed…

Now let yourself travel easily and effortlessly to a lake… Imagine it is summertime, there is a warm breeze, you can hear the waves lapping at the shore as you gaze out over the lake. It is your lake of peace… The waves have a rhythm, they calm and relax you. Listen as they begin to help you relax your body so that the anesthetic you will be receiving for your surgical procedure is taken easily… In fact you need only a very small amount of anesthetic, because your body is cooperating so well. It is bending into the procedure… As a result very little anesthetic is being used the entire time of the surgical procedure… You are in control of what’s happening to your body. You have set the processes into motion through your ability to relax on command, your command… The waves continue in their rhythmic pattern. Every time you hear the phrase, “You are doing fine,” all of your healing systems come together to function in a normal healthy manner… They create complete recovery within and without… Relax, take a deep breath…You are doing fine… Let yourself sink deeper and deeper into a peaceful relaxed state…Your mind begins to drift… It is like a dream…

You begin rehearsing for your surgical procedure. It is safe and enjoyable to be this relaxed. Through the power of your imagination you see yourself walking into the hospital. You say to yourself, “This is where I am going to get well… This is where my body is going to be repaired so it can get well… This is where I can go whenever I need to… to help my doctor help me to wellness… I make the decisions for my well being… I have decided that this is a surgical procedure that will bring my body to wellness… The surgeon and staff are here to help me… The word for the day is cooperation… We are a team,… we work together.”

As a result of these positive thoughts you can see, feel and know just how you are entering the hospital. You walk with confidence, you speak with confidence and you smile with confidence and pride… This is your decision.

I’ll give you time to rehearse this scene…(30 seconds)

Good, you are doing fine. Notice how good you feel about being in control of your thoughts and feelings. Good, you are doing fine… Each and every time you practice this, you become calmer and more relaxed… and this is so… What we picture in the theater of our mind becomes our reality… You are now your own writer, actor, editor and producer. Medical science has found that a person with a good attitude about the outcome of their surgery has a.100% better chance of recovery than one who has a negative or pessimistic attitude…You are creating, through mind power, the positive attitude needed to help you… to complete recovery. Congratulations! You are doing fine…

Now let the scene change to the room where the procedure is to take place… If you don’t have a definite picture, make one up. You are feeling relaxed and confident, want that to happen, let it happen. Notice how much more relaxed you are… You are doing fine. This is your decision. The doctor is there to help you repair your body so that you can have wellness and peace of mind… CO-operation is the word for the day… You relax even deeper as the anesthetic is administered, and you only need a very small amount to get your body ready for the procedure, and this is so…

You are doing fine. Once again, it is you who have made the decision to cooperate and as a result of the relaxation your body only needs a very small amount of anesthetic to keep you at the perfect level for the procedure… You can hear noises around you, but you pay no attention to them… The scene changes… back to the lake. You find yourself on a lovely safe swing… It has a nice steady rhythm and you feel calm and relaxed as you look out onto your lake of peace… Calm and relaxed…. Enjoying the scene that is before you. Feeling the rhythm of the swing, smelling the aromas and scents of nature, enjoying the sun on the water and the seagulls sailing through the air… Calm and relaxed… calm and relaxed… calm and relaxed… Your body cooperates with the skillful hands of the surgeon. It opens up easily, it has only the exact amount of blood flow that is necessary to maintain perfect balance… In fact your body knows exactly what to do, and it does it in perfect concert with the surgeon… All of your vital signs are in perfect order; blood pressure perfect, heart rate perfect, breathing normal. You are enjoying your time at the lake, calm… and relaxed… calm and relaxed. You are doing fine…

Interestingly enough, from the very moment that you decided to have this surgery done, your body began the healing process… Your body knows just what to do in order to get you to wellness. All systems are go. The healing system is in gear, the immune system is functioning perfectly, everything about you is cooperating with your medical team… They are your medical team, and you are the captain. They are doing the work that is theirs to do, while your healing system and immune system are doing their work… All of your blood cells are doing their job perfectly. In fact this is the easiest surgical procedure that your medical team has ever done. The reason for this is that you are giving the orders to your healing system to cooperate fully with your medical team.

I will give you a few moments to let these suggestions take complete effect upon you… (1 min)

Good you are doing fine… When it is time, when the procedure is complete… and not before, you find…The dream is about over, soon you will come to full wakeful consciousness.. Notice how relaxed and comfortable you feel. You have an appetite and can eat small amounts of food, easily and effortlessly. You find that you are thirsty and drink water easily. Your bladder and bowel can work easily and effortlessly. All of your organs are functioning normally and naturally. You feel wonderful, like you have had a magical summer nap!

You are doing fine…

There is an awareness that a procedure has taken place. You can feel a little pressure, but that is all. Any discomfort is minimal and you are full of energy… You are in control and healing has begun and will continue.

You are well… It is now time to thank your spiritual partner for being with you on this important journey… I’ll give you time to do that now…… (15 sec) .

The following are positive suggestions that I would like you to mentally repeat after me:

Every day in every way I am getting better and better… –

I am in control. I create my own reality… –

Negative thoughts have no power over me, I am in control… –

I create my own reality through the power of my mind, and this is so… –

I persistently think and act in the direction of my good and my goal… to be a happy, healthy, relaxed person… –

I am love. I am loving, loved and beloved… –

I am healed by the Creative Force within me… –

My body knows just how to keep me well and I pay close attention to its signals. I obey those signals, I relax, I let go and stay well… –

My body systems are cooperating with the surgical procedure, we are all working together to create healing… –

My blood pressure is normal. My blood count is perfect… –

My lungs breathe easily and effortlessly… –

Every day in every way I am getting better and better…

When the time is right, just open your eyes feeling wonderful, knowing that you are in control of all that happens to you. You do create your own reality. Today, your reality is that of a relaxed healthy human being, feeling balanced in body, mind and spirit. And this is so!

If you are using this during the surgical procedure continue to stay at your lake of peace until you hear that it is time to awaken… when the recovery room nurse is saying your name. Notice how good you feel and will continue to feel. Your recovery happens quickly, easily and effortlessly, and this is so… You are doing fine…

If you are listening to this in preparation for the procedure you may open your eyes now, knowing that you have created a new reality for yourself, and this is so….

NOTE : Every time you say, “You are doing fine,” insert the persons name. Let. your voice be expressive of the wellness that is there for your client. You, through the power of your words, give hope and encouragement to this person…. Your voice is what has been there for them during this stressful event. You do make a difference. YOU ARE DOING FINE !!!. When you change scenes, you may want to have your client use finger signals to let you know when s/he has arrived.



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