Cosmic Journey

Spoken to the subject

I want you to imagine as you are relaxing, that you are looking up into the night sky on a beautifully clear Summers night. The air is crisp and dry, you can even notice the sweet scent of the surrounding flowers, and other plants … the freshness… and as you look up into this dark, night sky, you notice a beautiful star … just one, solitary, bright star, up there in the sky, millions and millions of miles away, that seems to stand out from all the others…

As you stare at the brightness of this star you notice how it’s light begins to glow and is getting more and more brilliant as it seems to descend down upon you … You can now feel and sense the light all around you… and you allow the light to enter your physical body until you are inside the light, and the light is inside you. You are one with this beautiful brilliant light from the star. … you are one with the star itself and realize that you have just begun a cosmic journey in space as you are out among the stars and can travel at the speed of light and are completely safe…. You now have the ability to explore other stars and planets, to explore other galaxies even the entire universe. You have no limitations as to where you can travel and explore.

As you are now part of the universe… I want you to take a few moments … until you hear the sound of my voice again .. To let your mind roam free and explore the universe … wherever it may take you … perhaps to other solar systems … perhaps to other inhabited planets … you can even make contact with other beings if you wish … so just allow yourself now to continue on your journey until you hear my voice …

(Pause 5 minutes)

And now it is time to return home from your journey as I count to 5… 1 … you are returning to your own solar system … 2 … to your own planet coming back down … 3 … you can choose to remember as much of this journey as you like … 2… All the way back down, to your present time and location allowing that bright light of the star to return you safely down on the Earth … and finally … 1 … back, safe and sound.


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