Body Image

Spoken to the subject

From now on starting this very moment you have a positive image of your body. Whether your body is exactly where you would like it to be or not at this particular moment in time, whenever you look at yourself or think of your body image you will do it in a positive manner. Looking at your body in a positive manner will help you to feel good about yourself and to continue to progress towards the body image that you really want. You no longer think bad thoughts or say negative things about your body. Your body is your temple. It is your sacred private property. You own it and you want the best for it. So from now on you think only positive thoughts and have positive feelings toward your body. You are happy, confident, and progressing towards making yourself the best you that you can be.Visualize yourself right now standing right in front of you facing yourself … visualize your body looking and feeling exactly as you would like to … as if you had attained all of your goals already…. Imagine yourself wearing, the exact type clothing you would love to wear … the exact style … size… and color … realize that this person standing in front of you … is you. You are this person … this person is in you and you are in this person … Feel good about yourself … see yourself in front of you as the “goal” you … You are on a journey to attain your goal but realize that on any journey … every step that you take is very important … even more important than the destination … and from this moment on … you take each step in a positive, enthusiastic manner … having a good self image … and continuing to move onward … you are in control and you are positive about your appearance and your image. You are happy being in control and you feel confident being in control.

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