By Paula Getty-Shearer


Spoken to the Subject

Just imagine that in your own way, you are surrounded and protected by the love and good wishes of everyone who loves you. think of all the people that love you , just allow the heart to be filled with love–this allows us to feel better and to heal better too. And just allowing yourself to accept the care of all of those that will help you at your time of surgery. And that any spiritual power that you believe in is guiding and watching over you , now and during the procedure and recovery It has been shown that care, appreciation, and love boost the immune system and enhance the functioning of the heart, and this has a positive effect on the entire body.Realizing also now that we can turn any thoughts into vivid healing images. Your inner wisdom will tell you what emotions and images will be most healing for you.

Now lets take your thoughts to the night before surgery, You find yourself amazingly calm. You see yourself going to bed that night feeling confident and relaxed. You fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed . As you get up you still feel an inner peace and trust of what will take place that day. You get ready and head to the hospital and you find yourself feeling calm and relaxed.. You get to the hospital and see yourself going through the doors of the hospital. You are physically relaxed, mentally alert. You clearly talk to all medical personal, answering all questions clearly. You will understand all papers you have to sign but you will not be affected by any negative influences, its not for you. When you enter the pre-op room—you find yourself instantly relaxed. You are someone who gives so much of yourself to others at other times that now is the opportunity for you to be nurtured and taken care of. Even though that might feel a little funny, it feel good too. So give yourself permission to allow that . As you enter the room you will be blocked by any negativity and in fact you will reframe it in a way that is healthy for you. You realize the drs and nurses are working for you and are competent and you in turn feel this confidence in them .Remember that your drs and nurses have spent most of their lives training and developing their skill so that they can be of service to you in this effort, imagine that on the day of surgery they are at their best, calm, focused and at the top to their powers

So you see yourself in pre-op, you are comfortable and relaxed. When its time for the needle to be inserted you find yourself feeling very comfortable and only feel a slight pressure. Your veins open up and take the medication to which you agree. You find the last thing you remember saying to yourself is I AM WELL. And you just drift off comfortably.

And while you are deeply relaxed, your body can move blood away from the site of surgery, all it needs to do is contract some of the blood vessels leading to the incision and open others to shunt it away. You don’t even have to know how to do this, because the body already knows, just as it does when it blushes. And this makes it easy for the surgeon to see what needs to be seen. Don’t be surprised if there is minimal blood flow at the incision as your skin will yield to the surgeons skill. Don be surprised if the doctors say they cant believe how easy it was. You will be comfortable and at ease through out the procedure. Your blood pressure will remain steady, while your muscles will relax– it makes the whole procedure go more easily. after the operation the skin will come together as it remembers how to heal. The blood will then return to that area to bring the nutrients and oxygen to heal your body quickly and completely, bringing special healing cells that make the repair, and an immune defender that scours the area clean and removes anything that doesn’t belong there. The body has an amazing ability to heal and it can take care of itself without you even having to think about it.

Soon you will find yourself in recovery and it will be as if awakening from a restful sleep. You might feel a slight sensation of tugging at the incision and that will be a sign of healing. You may be surprised to notice that you’ll be more comfortable and at ease than you would have imagined. But you can always ask for anything you need to become even more comfortable.

When you wake up in the recovery room you may be surprised to find that it feels good to take a deep breath and clear your lungs. And as you come more clearly awake you may soon feel hungry and start thinking about your favorite foods, your stomach and intestines may begin to gurgle and churn as you think about this.

You may also be surprised to notice that you are more comfortable after surgery than you may have expected and that you can handle any discomfort you feel, by simply relaxing deeply and allowing your body to heal.

And because your are so relaxed, comfortable and at ease, you find it easy to communicate with the staff and accept the good care they offer you. You can always ask your dr., nurse or a staff member for whatever you need to help you stay comfortable. And whenever you feel an urge to urinate you can find that easy to do. The recovery will be quick and easy–easier than you ever thought it would be. Don’t be surprised if you hear the dr.s talking about letting you go home early because your body seemed to heal so fast.

But for now there is no need to do anything, just relax and stay comfortable. You find that you continue to focus on positive and healing thoughts realizing that your own healing capabilities have been built into you by nature and that healing continues to happen at all times.

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