Fibromyalgia and Pain Management Techniques

by Darlene Cheek,


Instructions to the Hypnotist

While researching Fibromyalgia, I learned a lot of different things about pain. I have the usual “over 30” daily aches and pains, and my husband is just reaching that point; but how do you recognize that this is something that isn’t just going to go away? Some of the Fibromyalgia patients remember “growing pains” as a child where they laid in bed at night with a heating pad and cried. There’s a good possibility that their fibro symptoms had started that early (this does not mean that everyone with growing pains has Fibromyalgia).

Some of the patients started feeling the constant pain with the onset of a trauma, such as a car accident… or even emotional trauma, such as divorce or childhood abuse. With some, it just started one day, and two weeks later was so bad they had to go to the doctor. Also, with Fibromyalgia, there are some days better than others… and some days with “flares” that are so bad the patient can’t stand for a sheet to touch their body. So, once you realize that you have something wrong with you that is going to cause you pain… what do you do?

I’d like to share with you some of the things the Fibromyalgia patients I’ve spoken with have shared with me. Then I’d like to add to the script in last week’s article and help you with a hypnotherapy method for pain management. At the end of the article, I will give you a short hypnosis technique that you can do in five minutes. Try these different approaches as “YOU” feel like doing them. Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. If you have any questions, especially with exercises, please ask your physician.

Some of the patients do gentle stretching exercises to keep their muscles and joints more limber and toned. This is an excellent idea and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Another great suggestion was water aerobics or low impact aerobics in the senior’s class because they understand pain more and go at a slower pace. Again, do what you are able to do… no more. Some of the fibro patients use Yoga. Yoga doesn’t have to be a head-stand routine where you have to balance for an hour. The benefits of yoga go beyond exercise into the areas of meditation, relaxation and focus.

Another friend receives Acupuncture. Along the same lines of eastern healing methods, I highly recommend Reiki, a Japanese method of energy healing that treats the body, mind and spirit. One especially great thing about Reiki is that anyone can be attuned by a Reiki Master, and you can treat your physical symptoms yourself at Level I. Also suggested, was Massage Therapy.

Now let’s try some Hypnotherapy.


Pain Management Script:

(One note: In hypnotherapy, we do not use the word “pain” while hypnotized… pain hurts… we use “discomfort”… it puts the mind on a more susceptible level, not thinking about “pain.”)

Spoken to the Subject

Just imagine yourself in your magical place of relaxation… you hear water gurgling in the background and look to see where it is coming from… you notice a beautiful waterfall pouring into a mirror clear pool… there is a large, soft float near the edge… just go over now and lie down on the float and drift into the pond… there is no reason to feel any fear of water here… this is just our imagination at work… you are completely safe… and relaxed… just like a beautiful dream…

You begin to feel something enchanting about this place… you realize that this water has healing powers… it is warm… and calming… healing… allow the water to wash away any discomfort that is left in your body… and it floats away… gently cleansing… renewing… you can feel the healing energy flowing through every cell of your body… allow it to work… allow the water to take away everything negative in your mind, body and spirit….

The discomfort slips away like a distant memory… when you return, your discomfort will be under your control… all you have to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes, and remember this place and the feeling that you have at this moment… your mind has the power, and your thoughts are the greatest of all healers… (end)

At this point, you may drift on to sleep by finishing the script for sleep therapy, or allow yourself to wake up simply saying to yourself “and when I awake, I will feel refreshed and have more energy than I’ve had in a very, very long time”… count to five and open your eyes.


Instructions to the hypnotist

Once you practice this and come to a point where you can ease the discomfort without completing the entire script, I use a technique where I visualize a sliding scale. On this scale, there are numbers from 1-12 and a red arrow that slides up and down. See the number where your discomfort is presently, and imagine it sliding down the further your “discomfort” subsides… then imagine yourself with a hammer and nail (or whatever you want) and nail the red arrow into place at the lower number. Most of my pain management clients can be into hypnosis in five minutes and have that arrow nailed down to at least 1 or 2. Remember the three most important words in self-hypnosis… practice, practice, practice.

You can add any visualization or positive suggestions to these scripts that you like. Be creative, and use your imagination. If you prefer a beautiful green valley to lie down in, imagine yourself there and allow the earth to soak away the pain… imagine the sun’s rays healing your body. Sometimes I stand on top of a mountain and allow the wind to whisk the discomfort away on the breeze. Use whatever works for you, and enjoy many more pain-free days of life.

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