Finding Clues

By Collin Rosati
And doing what ever you have to do to make yourself comfortable… take a deep breath … and relax… that’s right, relaxing all of the muscles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes… and letting all of the stress melt from your body and simply draining away… out through you toes.Today, I’d like you to focus your attention on your breathing… remember, you don’t have to try and allow your breathing to become deeper and regular, simply allow your breathing to become steadier and more regular with each deep refreshing breath as you allow your body to continue to gently fall asleep… deeper and deeper with each breath. And as your body gently descends into a deep restful slumber where you can now allow your conscious mind permission to float in and out of unconscious awareness… I wonder if you can notice… if you really concentrate your un-awareness on your body that you begin to feel your body warming up as your mind sinks down… deeper and deeper… always aware of your breathing.


As you continue to rapidly relax even deeper into your pre-conscious un-awareness… accessing that all healing… peaceful stillness found safely hidden away from all stresses of the day that now are completely melted away… drained from your sleeping body out through your toes with every peaceful cleansing breath, I wonder if you can be unconsciously aware of a few words, simple phrases that have somehow found their way into our daily speech to protect us and to guide us… subconsciously until the day, we are ready to rediscover their powerful meanings. Once again, you don’t have to do anything right now but take a little nap… letting my voice blend into the background as you take a few moments right now for yourself and allow your powerful soul a few brief, quiet moments for itself, perhaps to let your awesome soul heal old wounds… or perhaps to offer a glimmer of insight into a personal decision… or maybe a vivid dream about your own glorious future. Simply do whatever you have to do to make yourself comfortable… take another cleansing breath… and sleep.

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