Weight Reduction Script


This script may be recorded for a subjects use at night. It may be very helpful to have the subject engage in visualization as well.

Spoken to the Subject

I desire to become strong and slender.

I am dissatisfied with my weight as it now stands.

I want to become more slender. Because I want to become more slender, my appetite is now easily satisfied with a much smaller quantity of food that I have become accustomed to eating,

I know that my body needs protein for strength, so I enjoy eating a small quantity of lean meat.

I enjoy a single slice of dark, coarse bread.

I enjoy eating green, leafy vegetables.

I enjoy eating all the body building foods which give me strength and a proper balance of minerals and vitamins.

My body already has in storage an abundance of fat.

My body has no need for additional fat.

My body is now ready to use this fat that I have stored up.

As this fat is used, I feel the way I want to feel; strong, energetic and vigorous.

Because my body has no need for fat now, I have no appetite for fats, sweets and starches.

I dislike the fat in meat, I have no desire for butter or cream.

I dislike ice cream, I dislike candy and pie, I have no desire for cake.

I do not like potatoes or white bread.

My dislike for these foods is becoming so great that soon it is impossible for me to eat them.

My body has no need for these foods right now.

My tastes correspond to the real needs of my body.

Food substances that are not needed are actually unpleasant to me.

I am now finding a new pleasure in eating the foods that my body needs.

I eat slowly.

I take small bites,

I relish each bite as I chew it.

I am now taking time to actually taste the flavor of the foods that I eat.

I am rediscovering the subtle and enjoyable differences between foods.

I enjoy the taste of the lean meat, and a very small quantity makes me feel full and satisfied.

I enjoy the taste of the leafy vegetables.

I enjoy the taste of cheese.

I enjoy the taste of skim milk which brings so many valuable minerals.

I enjoy the taste of fresh fruits.

I enjoy the taste of green vegetables.

I enjoy all of these so much, that a very small quantity of them makes me feel as though I’ve eaten a Thanksgiving dinner.

I am completely satisfied with the quantity of food that contains about (specific count) calories.

I now weight (Specify current weight) pounds.

I wish to weight (Desired ending weight) because at that weight I will feel very much better and be much more attractive.

I am going to consume the excess fat from my body at a rate of (Specific lb. value 2 – 5) pounds per week.

In ten weeks I am going to weight (10 weeks times lb. per week) pound s less.

In ten weeks I am going to weight (Starting weight – 10 week loss) pounds.

Each week I consume (Specific lb. value 2 – 5) pounds of fatty tissue; I do this because I want to be more attractive.

I do this because I want to feel stronger and more vigorous.

I do this because I want to be healthy.

I do this because I want to be well.

I desire to be strong, vigorous and healthy. That desire is so great that it easily and unconsciously controls my appetite; and I automatically eat only the foods that my body needs in the quantities that my body requires.

Once the weight loss has started, the following suggestions can be added to the script.

I am now eating the foods that my body needs.

I am eating only the food that my body needs.

I am eating only 1000 calories a day, and I am enjoying every single byte that I take.

In my daily activities I am consuming the reserves of fat that have been stored in my body.

This fat is being consumed from my entire body, but it is coming especially from my abdomen and my hips.

My hips are becoming smaller as the fat is consumed.

My stomach is becoming flatter as the fat is consumed.

Already I am feeling stronger and more healthier.

Already, I am looking much more attractive.

My hips are becoming smaller.

My stomach is becoming flatter.

Soon my figure will be more suited to my height and my bone structure. To print this script properly, highlight the text and paste it into your word document.

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