Frequently Asked Questions

A: When you study with us, you will learn:

• How to ensure client’s safety and wellbeing.
• Ethical framework applications and duty of care.
• How to establish rapport through empathy and sensitive communicating.
• Clearly define your clients' goals and desires for positive change.
• How to facilitate your clients' journey to achieve self discovery and wellbeing.
• You can practice within your scope of expertise and understand when and where to refer otherwise.
You will learn to respect and work with the emotions, thoughts, and behavioural patterns of others.
• You will have an eclectic set of tools that can be integrated in order to assist your clients to move towards a state of self empowerment and life mastery.

A: Our courses were once government accredited but are no longer. Does it matter? Not at all. In Australia we are fortunate that hypnotherapy, like counselling, is a self-regulated industry where peak national bodies (such as the Australian Hypnotherapists Association) decide which courses and training will be industry recognised in Australia. Self-regulation means innovation in our hypnotherapy and freedom to explore hypnosis in many areas, including past life therapy. With that said, it is important that if you want to be a professional hypnotherapist you need to be recognised by peak national bodies. All our courses and training are recognised by both the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and Holistic Health Associates International (HHAI) so you can be assured of our reputation in Australia for providing quality training.

A: On our home page you will see all the associations affiliated with our college. The main industry bodies that recognise our courses and training are Holistic Health Associates International (HHAI) and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), as follows:

• Foundation in Hypnotherapy – eligible for Student Membership at the AHA
• Hypnotherapy Practitioner – eligible for Professional Membership at the AHA
• Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner – eligible for Clinical Membership at the AHA

For more information about HHAI recognition and membership, please visit the HHAI website HERE, or Contact Us.

A: You can enrol at any time in our home study modules by paying a deposit of $195.

A: Yes. Installments may vary depending on the length of your study plan.

A: You may claim a 10% discount on fees if you and a friend enrol in courses at the same time. This discount cannot be used with the early bird special offers.

A: Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner course is by far our most popular. This qualification consists of 7 days of practical training plus home study modules. Graduates are eligible for membership at the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA) at Professional Member level. This level of membership comes with a Practitioner Number for those health funds that recognise hypnotherapy.

A: Simply apply for an extension. It’s okay to take a break, but you will need to make the request in writing by emailing us.

A: You will receive all essential reference material. However, we always recommend extra reading and your tutor can advise you accordingly.

A: Student support is always available via telephone, email or in person. Coaching and mentoring consultations will take place periodically throughout your course of study with your tutor(s) either face-to-face or via telephone.

A: We offer a range of courses from half a day, to one day, to several days in varying subjects for your professional development and to satisfy your professional association needs.

A: Commonly around 12 months, and this includes 14 days of practical training and home study.