What We Offer

Become a Hypnotherapist and Make a Difference!

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist you will have a huge impact in helping your clients get focused, inspired, and excited about living their greatest life. What we think really does matter! Hypnotherapy works - The results of effective clinical hypnotherapy will allow you to release yourself from the bondage of emotional uncertainty, fear, and being controlled by outdated thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

Home Study - Learn Hypnotherapy at Your Own Pace

Benefits of Home Study

There are many benefits of home study with Career Accelerators, including:

  • Self-Paced Learning - You can start and finish study at anytime, and work at your own speed.
  • Wherever, Whenever - Study in the comfort of your own home, or whilst on the move.
  • Greater Geographic Access - Our training is available to every Australian with phone or email access, and we can even provide training for hypnotherapists around the world!
  • Continuing Professional Education - Already practicing? Earn your required CPE points without having to worry if there is suitable training available within your area, timeframe, or budget.
  • Education that Suits Your Lifestyle - Learn something new while continuing to support yourself simultaneously. 
  • Personalised Support - Our fantastic tutors are just a phone call or email away, and always ready to offer guidance, support, and feedback to our students.

Upon successful completion of the training, all home study students will receive a Statement of Attainment (or higher certificate, where applicable) which can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPE points). You may also be able to upgrade your qualifications by attending practical training workshops, conducted throughout the year.

How Does Home Study Work?

Our home study courses are usually split into modules, delivered by mail or email throughout the duration of your study program. These lessons vary, but typically include reading material, case studies of other training notes, as well as practical 'try-at-home' exercises and short questionnaires to assess your learning. Career Accelerators will mark your lessons and return your results along with your next module so that you can continue to progress through the program.

Pathways to Success

HCA Career Pathways

Did You Know?

Clinical Hypnotherapists can earn over $65,000 p.a. within two years of setting up their practice and many skilled practitioners can eventually earn twice that. With that in mind, all our courses and training represent extremely good value for money!

You can...

  • Set up your own multi-disciplinary clinic;
  • Work as an independent practitioner in a busy clinic; 
  • Deliver seminars and motivational speeches;
  • Create your own training workshops

... and much more!

Industry Recognition

Is industry recognition important to you and your career?

Our Practitioner courses, including practical training components, are recognised by Holistic Health Associates International (HHAI).

HCA's Practitioner courses are also recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) at Professional and Clinical Member levels, respectively. 

Getting Started on Your Flexible Learning Journey

Do you need a course that is tailored to your lifestyle?

Combine great practical training (on campus) with home study modules. You need not attend practical training before enrolling and starting your course - simply contact us to enrol, pay a deposit of $195, and receive your first course materials. You can get started with your first home study module at any time!

Contact us to enrol here

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Save Time & Money and Get RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows students to gain credit for skills, knowledge, and experience gained through working and learning. Such skills, knowledge, and experience can be gained throughout life, and does not necessarily have to be formal learning or government accredited training. 

The benefits of RPL include:

  • Not having to restudy material you already know and/or practice; 
  • Reduced course costs and study loads;
  • Ability to gain qualifications sooner; and
  • Recognition and appreciation of your professional and personal skill base.


For more information about studying with Hypnotherapy College of Australia, please visit our FAQ page.