Drug Addiction (Session I)

Spoken to the Subject

Now as you go deeper and deeper relaxed, deeper and deeper on down, in your mind’s eye, I want you to imagine the symptoms of withdrawal. I want you to feel the nausea. Feel your stomach turning. Feel all your muscles tighten. Like you’re tied up in knots and you feel terrible all over and I want you to take those feelings, take those feelings and you’re going to associate them with the drug itself. You associate those feelings which represent the withdrawal symptoms with the drug itself, with the heroin or whatever you retaking.From now on instead of the withdrawing causing the symptoms, the drug itself will bring the symptoms about. For you’re conditioned just as much as if I’d said a nice thick juicy steak smothered in mushrooms or if I asked you to concentrate on a lemon, you’d feel the saliva, the organs would respond, and now I say that the organs respond to the drug heroin or whatever you’re taking. The organs respond by producing very uncomfortable symptoms so from now on whenever you take a fix these very uncomfortable symptoms begin to show themselves. As they show themselves, you feel them, you feel them deeply, very deeply.

They are very uncomfortable. On the count of three as you withdraw from the heroin, the symptoms, instead of getting worse, get better. You feel better. More alert. More awake, more vital, more full of life. More full of pep and energy than you have had for a very long time. You feel as though you are full of vitamins. It’s going to be very easy for you to withdraw because the withdrawing makes you feel good, and the taking of the drug makes you feel bad. You’re going to be surprised about the reverse effect, but it’s becoming a permanent part of your subconscious mind, never to be removed. Your need for heroin is gone. But you have a tremendous need to withdraw for if you don’t then you feel the symptoms. Now starting right at this moment, you’re going to begin a new phase of withdrawal.

A withdrawal without pain, without nausea, without vomiting, and without troubles. Now I want you to feel good all the time, and the drug is the thing that makes you feel bad. The thing that gives you the nausea and the problems is the thing that ties up your guts, that’s heroin. Now as you go deeper and deeper relaxed, and as all of the sounds fade away in the distance, all of these suggestions take complete and thorough effect upon your mind, body, and spirit. And you sink deeper and deeper and deeper. Nothing disturbs you. For you’ve begun your withdrawal right now. Now, sleep deeply and let these suggestions seal themselves in the deepest part of the subconscious mind. Way down.

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