Spoken to the Subject

Now…I want you to breath in and out of your nose with your mouth closed… the same way you do normally when you’re getting ready to fall asleep… Just let yourself relax and drift down into a sleep-like state… as if you really are sleeping, yet you are still totally conscious, totally aware, almost like you are in a lucid dream… that’s good. You are in a safe place… you can let go of all your cares and concerns right now, knowing you can have those all back anytime you’d like… for now… you just want to focus all of your attention on the sound of your breathing. The way it feels while you are breathing, so peacefully, softly, calmly, and quietly. Noticing how effortless and comfortable it is to fall asleep this way. And letting your subconscious mind know that this is now your preferred method of breathing as you sleep so quietly during your entire time of rest. That’s good.At this time, I’d like you to imagine the passageway in the back of your throat. Notice how it is free and clear and you can even see the air passing through like a whisper, so softly. This allows you to get plenty of oxygen down into your lungs and now that your lungs are getting more oxygen you are able to take full advantage of all of the time that you sleep so you will wake up feeling more refreshed and energized than ever before. Each day you are getting better at falling asleep in this way. And now, I’d like you to examine the back of your nose and notice how it too is completely free and clear and the air passes through your nose gently and freely and quietly. You are now breathing so peacefully, so quietly, so serene, the way you’d like to fall asleep each time you sleep from now on. Breathing calmness and peacefulness through your entire body…

Now… let yourself drop down deeper into the deepest state of relaxation you have ever felt before. And continue to focus on your breathing. Your quiet peaceful breathing. Breathing in this sleep-like state, calmly, and quietly. Allow yourself to continue breathing in and out a few more times and you make a note to your subconscious mind about how wonderful it feels and how this is what you want for your sleep time from now on. Notice how you can relax and breath in this quiet way at the same time. Sleeping is a quiet time for you now and it gives you great satisfaction to know you can sleep silently during your entire rest. You love to breath so softly and quietly and your subconscious mind now knows it too and will support you all throughout your time of sleep even while you are unconscious to continue this silent state you are in. Your subconscious mind knows how to let you sleep silently because there are lots of moments when you are sleeping silently. Now it will let you sleep that way the entire time you are sleeping.

Now, we’re going to change things just a bit. Now I want you to allow yourself to snore. Allow yourself to feel it in your nose and throat, the way you feel when you snore. Really do it and continue breathing in and out this way a few times. Notice the way it feels. Notice how your breathing is obstructed and it’s harder to breath this way. You have to work so hard to maintain a good air flow. It’s uncomfortable and it sounds horrible to you. Now stop for a moment and go back to your quiet, peaceful, breathing and notice how easy it is to breath this way. Aah, so free. You enjoy this way of breathing so much more. Notice how good it feels. Now, go back to snoring again. Only this time you notice it bothers you to snore even more. All of the sensations have doubled. It irritates you to snore, you want to stop snoring so bad right now, but just keep doing it anyway. Cause yourself to feel like it’s so annoying that you just can’t stand it anymore. It makes you tired. It disrupts your sleep. You have to sleep alone and you being able to be close with others when you are sleeping. You are finally ready now to give up snoring for good because now you know you can. Your subconscious mind understands all the benefits of sleeping quietly now and so just keep letting yourself snore as it becomes louder and more annoying to you in your ear as well as physically annoying and in a moment you will find a switch that will shut off the snoring for good. Just let your subconscious mind find it and when it does, you’ll naturally go back to breathing in that comfortable peaceful quiet way and your subconscious mind will remember how to let you remain a quiet sleeper throughout any state of rest you are in.

Now that you have reached that point where you are breathing so softly, smoothly, calmly and peacefully, let yourself go to the deepest place within yourself you have ever been and let the following suggestions echo throughout your subconscious mind: I desire to become a peaceful sleeper, I desire to be a quiet sleeper. I take great pride in my ability to sleep quietly throughout my state of rest. I desire to sleep soundly and quietly from the moment I lay my head down, until it’s time to wake up and as I do, I wake up feeling so much more refreshed and happy, having slept so peaceful and calmly and quietly. I now use sleep to replenish my energy. I sleep all through the night, deeply, quietly, and calmly. I am now a quiet sleeper. A healthy sleeper. I breath clearly.

And let all of those suggestions sink into the deepest part of your subconscious mind and become your reality.

As a result of your quiet refreshing sleep, you will notice that you have more peace of mind. When you have more restful sleep, your life is good. You enjoy your life and your freedom to do what you like to do and to sleep wherever you’d like to sleep and to be able to be closer to people when you are sleeping. You are noticing that you add a few extra meaningful hours of rest and require less sleep because of it. Your mind is thinking clearly and you are noticing you have an increase in energy. You are so happy now that you realize it is possible to sleep quietly. Having the ability to create a peaceful environment when you sleep, strengthens your ability to create a peaceful environment when you are awake. You feel well-rested. You notice your muscles are relaxed and you feel light on your feel. And because you start out the day feeling so wonderful and so refreshed, you may even notice yourself having the extra motivation to take care of your body during the time you are awake. You have the clarity to get more accomplished during the day, which allows you to set your day aside when you sleep at night. You are more content because you can use the extra time, energy, and patience you have, toward your spiritual pursuits. You are excited about life. You are feeling awake. You are feeling alive. And you are feeling aware. You are amazed by all of these benefits you are receiving in your life due to one small maneuver in your subconscious mind that is helping you to sleep quietly. Each day as you even think about these benefits, it becomes a direct suggestion to your subconscious mind which become strengthened each time you think about it. If you should ever find yourself snoring, you silently say the word “silence” and you subconscious mind will understand that means to cease snoring and go back to sleep silently.

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