Misdirection Method

This technique is used when the subject is too tense or subconsciously doesn’t wish to be hypnotized. The idea is to get the subject to take his/her mind off of hypnosis all together and then perform a rapid induction. The misdirection stems from fact that it is physically impossible to open one’s eyes when the eyeballs are rolled back in the head.

To sell this technique you may choose to describe this testing as a requirement for a relaxation exercise that will help the subject to be hypnotized in the future. Describe the mythical exercise as one that requires several weeks of daily practice and a good imagination. Describe the following induction as a “imagination test”.

Spoken to the subject

Just sit and relax. (Have subject sit and relax, hands on knees, body relaxed and passive) Do you have a good imagination? (If subject responds “Yes”, continue, If the subject responds “No”, simply state that they are are too hard on themselves and continue) In other words, can you close your eyes and imagine a scene, visualize a scene and see it in front of your eyes? (Once again, continue on “Yes”, deal with “No”) Good. Let’s test your imagination in a few ways. I’ll describe what I want you to visualize and then after you close your eyes and you visualize it, I’ll ask you a few questions about what you see.)(The following is a sample scene and questions. If the subject doesn’t drive, use something that the subject is familiar with) Do you drive a car? (if “Yes”, continue, else find another topic) Alright, close your eyelids down and imagine you’re standing in front of your car. Now when you see it very clearly, just nod your head (Wait for nod) Fine, now your looking at your car, what color is it? (Wait for response) Good. Open the door of the car and get in behind the wheel. Now look straight ahead. Is the speedometer in the center or to your right or to your left? (Wait for response) Is the speedometer circular, semi-circular, horizontal or vertical? (Wait for response) Alright, what color is the needle that indicates the speed on the speedometer? (Wait for response)

Alright, fine. Open your eyes. Could you see all that clearly? (Wait for response) Now lets test your imagination in another way. We learned a couple of things about your imagination right then. This time when you close your eyelids right down, imagine your at a swimming place, a beach, a pool, a lake or at the ocean. Close your eyelids down.

Now I want you to imagine that you’re at a swimming place. When you see the scene clearly in your minds eye, nod your head (Wait for head to nod) Alright, fine. Now look around you at this place and tell me what you see (Wait for description) Do you see any people there? (If “Yes”, say the following “Pick out one of the persons and describe them to me”, if “No”, have subject describe some item that he saw at scene)

(This section is the actual misdirection) That’s very good, open your eyes. Could you see all that clearly as a mental picture? That showed that you have a good imagination to create, because in that instance I asked you something where you had to create the scenes in the picture. Now we’ll go to the other extreme and find out how well you can imagine a simple, single object. This time when you close your eyelids down, imagine that you’re looking at a full moon.

Close your eyelids down. Now then I want you to imagine that you are either seated outside or in a car, or at the beach, or maybe looking out your bedroom window. Its night time and you’re looking up at a full moon. To help you to see the full moon, I want you to now to roll your eyeballs back up, with you eyelids remaining closed down. Roll your eyeballs backup in your head as if you could see the full moon right up here (Touch subjects forehead lightly) backup in the center of your forehead.

(Pick up the pace slightly and read this section as one flowing sentence) Roll your eyeballs way back up in your head and as you do your eyelids lock tightly closed the more you try to open them the tighter they are locking closed try now to open your eyelids they’re locking tighter and tighter, now stop trying, just relax and sleep. Let a good and pleasant feeling now come all over your body. Let every muscle and nerve in your body go limp and loose. Breathe easily and deeply and send a way of deep relaxation from the top of your head to the top of your toes.

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