Hypnotherapy: Your Route to Success

Quitting smoking. Successfully conceiving. Losing Weight. What do all these things have in common? They’re all achievable through hypnotherapy, a 100% natural and effective therapeutic modality with only one known side-effect: positive life changes.

Hypnotherapy is, as the name suggests, the therapeutic use of hypnosis – a special state of mind that the therapist accesses with the client’s full awareness and permission so that the client can access and reprogram their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, unlike the rational, conscious mind, can’t distinguish between real and false images or messages, which means it is particularly susceptible to negative influences. The subconscious mind’s job is to give please, so the more one smokes, overeats, or stresses, the more the subconscious mind perceives this as desirable and pleasure-giving activity even if in reality it causes nothing but misery! The subconscious mind so often gets stuck in outmoded behaviours and thought patterns, but the good news is that it is only too happy to be updated and to put an end to smoking, overuse of alcohol or food, stress, or almost any other compulsion … .

Hypnotherapy Treatments:

Scientific evidence verifies that hypnosis is an effective, rational technique that can promote and accelerate human change – not some dark art practiced by a Svengali-like figure again a client’s will. Hypnotherapy can help with many problems involving issues of willpower, behaviour, and thinking patterns. The subconscious thinking patterns that associate cigarettes with pleasure can be comprehensively broken. Clients can lose weight by undergoing gastric ban hypnotherapy, where the power of the mind convinces the body that the stomach is now smaller – without costly and painful surgical intervention. Clients who have trouble conceiving a baby despite getting the all-clear from their doctors – the dreaded diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ – find that they are able to conceive quickly and easily after they have dealt with the stress, fear, and anxiety that underlie their condition.

Hypnotherapy Training:

Hypnotherapy is not only an excellent therapeutic modality, it is also an excellent career path. Training in hypnotherapy offers the budding hypnotherapist the opportunity to experience the power of hypnotherapy directly, and treating your own underlying issues is an important part of the process of becoming a qualified hypnotherapist. Career Accelerators offers the only Australian Government accredited clinical hypnotherapy training in Queensland – which means that you may be eligible for Centrelink supports while you study with us. If it’s not a hypnotherapy qualification issued by a registered training organisation, it’s not a hypnotherapy qualification!

Gwendoline Ford is a reputed hypnotherapy practitioner with Health and Harmony Clinic and a well-known trainer of hypnotherapists at Career Accelerators. Visit www.healthandharmonyclinic.com.au today for more information about how hypnotherapy can put your own life and others’ back on track.