Book Review: 'The Tool Box 4 Life' by Giovanni Lordi

This book – 'The Tool Box 4 Life' by Giovanni Lordi is deceptively interesting.

It’s simply written and I must admit that I thought it perhaps too simple at first.  I am glad I picked it up again though, to find that it has some real gems within and wonderful insights that truly can enrich peoples understanding about what might be going on in their lives. Not only that, but there are some great stratagies too to turn your life around.

Giovannni, himself a hypnotist, shares in his book somethings that  a hypnotherapists will do with their clients to achieve success. In fact it is a good book to give to clients because it starts the change at a conscious level and then we can enhance that when they come to see us professionally. If you don’t though it is easy to read and you can impart some of it’s wisdom to your clients!

I particularly like how he explains how to talk to children and how so easily a sad, bad mood can be changed in an instant.  Apart from all the info on how the mind works and the mind-body connection, learning and memory etc; Within you will find tips and tools to communicate for women to get the best from men and vice versa, so simple, yet it works!

Also discover our emotional responses to everything and how to let go of anything.  It’s true what he says most self help books always forget the “how to” section. So along with the FREE CD that comes with the book, you can learn ways to let go, forgive, eliminate stress, elevate your mind, deal with bad relationships, experience abundance, and create your life with real purpose to live above and beyond past perceptions!.

Get one on your bookshelf now, you won’t regret it and they make great gifts too.